We all have a story to tell.

Some stories are colored, beautiful and flowery. Some are colorless, flat and mundane. There are those that are epic, revolutionary and exciting. Others are raw and excruciatingly painful. Nevertheless, they are all stories. Some of us can share our story in voice but most of us labor to find that voice. So, we keep the story to ourselves.

I was never loud. My dark frame would always be tucked away behind the pack. I did not know the sound of my own voice. I did not even know that I had a voice. But behind that pack, whenever I could, I would pick up a paper and a pen. I would write.

Later in life I realized that I was not the only one struggling to have a voice: to find my voice. There were others of my ilk: others who had stories to tell but no voice to tell them. I saw untold stories. Untold stories everywhere.

I imagined many who had something to say but like a pressure cooker had no vent. How uncomfortable a situation, how painful! So I said I would do something about it. I would give a voice to those who wanted to tell their stories. So here we are!

My name is Mwendwa Mutua. I love to tell stories. I tell stories by writing. I might not be the best storyteller yet, but what I will do, is give you an opportunity to tell your story, as I tell mine.