Do me a favor!


This week has been crazy ladies and gentlemen!

My 8-5 has been such a mess. To be honest, mine isn’t an 8-5. Mine is more of an 8 to whenever the desk is cleared. Sometimes I can’t clear the desk so I leave when my body can’t take it anymore. But that’s my life, it is what it is!

Firstly, good people, thank you for reading all my 15 posts. You guys have been immense! I have guys reading my blog from allover the globe. I have guys sending me DMs to tell me that they are encouraged and that I should keep at it. As long as there’s a person to read, I will write. I write because of and for you.

But this week I’m kinda beat and I guess it’s okay. I need a break, just a kidogo break, don’t fret. I’ll be back before you know it.

So this week and the next two or three weeks I won’t be posting blogs as usual. Instead, I want to ask you a favor.

I want to hear from you.

I want you to tell me what you want me to write about. Tell me what kind of stories you want me to write. I have so far written on boys and girls and just life. What else do you want to read? What kind of stories interest you? Let me know.

Also, tell me which of my stories impacted you the most. Tell me which story hit a nerve and why. Which story got you thinking? Which one made you mad? Which one do you think I didn’t finish? Is there one that made you shed a tear? Let me know.

As I take a break, I’ll be listening to you. Go to the comment section and tell me what you want to read. will follow your lead. I’ll be here, waiting to read what you want. Get typing!



  1. Writing is a calling and an inspiration from God.My opinion is that we do not direct what you should write on.Your address to the young people is very good.Helping the upcoming generation is a very good investiment because it gives them some guidance about life.I would rather you write more on issues affecting the young people.It is the best according to me.I am one of the active readers of your articles and stories.May God give you more grace to continue in this worthy cause.I look forward to reading more of your writings in the future.May God bless you.

  2. Thank you sir..
    Your articles have given me more guidance about life.
    May the Lord bless you and give you more grace in doing this worth cause. I look forward to reading more of this.
    Finally,since you’ve asked us what we want to hear😀. am looking forward to Marriage and courtship article,

    God bless you Pastor.

    1. Esther! How didn’t I know that you’d ask for this at some point? Lol! Anywho, I hear you. I will tell this story but I think I’ll ask Grace to tell our story.

  3. I can say all the articles have been great. Continue inspiring our generation. Looking forward for more.

  4. It’s good to take a break take your time, I’ll be here waiting to read more..I love all your stories

  5. Great writing Mwendwa. Two quick thoughts, actually three: (1) You could invite a guest writer on your blog. This will give us a taste of the writings you also read! (2) Most of the boy & girl stories I’ve read have happy endings… May be it’s just me who sometimes wishes for a suspense ending or wild card tossed to the reader to fill in with their creative imagination. Does that kind of writing have a name? I’ve forgotten the third one… but I’ll be right back when it pops up!

    Keep doing what you do, because there’s only one you, everyone else is taken, bro.

    1. Jose! Mambo! Now, guest writers… I am working on it but it is not easy getting someone who shares same values and who’s writing will fit in my blog themes. Nonetheless, I am looking. So far, I have found one. Alafu, I think happy endings make me happy and give hope, and i love giving people hope. But, I hear. If I get a story that is bitter all the way, I will write it. Asante for reading. Keep reading!

  6. I really like reading your blogs, please keep doing this.
    I was first introduced to your blogs by my good high school friend, Mercy Mwende, after she shared one of your blogs, chic, on her whatsapp status.
    Since then I’ve enjoyed every bit, your writing skills are just amazing.

  7. …Jack needs a break and play time…Isorait

    1. More Write-ups on faith wars/struggles/challenges
    2. Update on some of the stories ka ile ilikuwa na legal issues
    3. Combine all these stories and tengeneza a kabook uiite ‘Short stories from Kamba land/ukambani’ 😀😀😀

    1. Liz! Write-ups on faith wars, struggles and challenges cleared noted. Zinacome under a new segment called ‘Godspeak’. I will also start doing Updates on stories I do. I believe you are talking about the Mandy’s story? Well, Mandy didn’t want to pursue any legal action so we left it at that. Thanks for reading, keep reading.

  8. Thank you for being all real with us Mwendwa . Most people fake it and hide it in religion but then “vitu kwa ground vinakuwa different”😅
    My suggestions:
    1) Toxic relationship and friendship stories.
    2) Differences career journeys.
    3) How practical God’s word has been to you.

  9. You should also include stories of healing and miracles and testimonies people have of how God brought them through hardships, how they got healed so as to give home and encouragement to alot of people who are hurting but keeping quiet.

    1. Sandy! I hear you. Like I have told Benson, I am adding a segment called ‘Godspeak’. This should accommodate testimonies. How about you share yours for a start. I’d be glad to write it, ama vipi?

  10. Hello sir! You articles are just wisdomate and life changing👌, Okay I remember one day you was preaching about “when God ask for too much ” it was powerful and a challenge indeed …but you said @ times you are offended by God and you get angry about Him why?

    1. Hi Benson. I am adding a segment called ‘Godspeak’ that will cover everything and anything God. This and many other questions will be answered. Thank you so much for the comment. Keep reading.

  11. I want “invisible people” stories. Like what is the mama mboga’s story? Where is the security guard from? How did the househelp from Western end up in Eastern?

  12. Am sure you’re done with your break now. … 🙂
    You an also blend in a few factual and interesting biographies.
    Though, the invincibility in your stories makes it more interesting to read.

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