Hey! How are you?

One day, under the sweltering heat of a desert land called Israel, the land of promise, a man called Jesus, had travelled to a city called Samaria. He had trekked for so long, and was probably dehydrated that he sat by a well to ask for water. He, Jesus, was tired. And this would have been normal only that the man we are talking about was not only man but the Son of God and essentially, fully God. So wait, God got tired? Yes he did. But let’s leave Jesus alone, let’s talk about you and I, shall we?

Well, I find it ridiculous that the world expects you to always be fine.

Have you heard how we even respond to the ‘how are you?’ question? It is always ‘I am fine!’ yet half the time, we really aren’t okay. We are troubled, going down, things are not okay, marriages are failing, our lives are crumbling but no, we are fine. It’s been ingrained in us that we should be okay, we must be fine; that there’s no room for us not to be fine, how dare we even?

So now you have a bunch of dehumanised humans walking the earth. We are like robots; we feel nothing, and care for nothing. We are always fine until one day we break under the weight of this life. One minute we are vibrant going about life, chasing the bag, the next minute we are fighting depression and going mental. Why? Because we didn’t to listen to our souls when they told us that we weren’t okay and that we needed a breather. We kept pushing, fighting, hustling because that’s what the world expects us to do.

So this short blog post today is to remind you that you are human and that it is okay not to be okay. It is okay to wake and not feel fine or perfect. It is okay to get tired. It is fine to have a day that you literally have to drag your feet through. It is okay to be under the weather. It is fine to be under the cosh. It is okay not to be okay.

Hey, don’t let people place a demand on you to always be perfect and fine. Do not allow people to put you up on a pedestal; to idolise you and to deify you. Do not give people the impression that you are never weak. You are but human. Allow yourself to be fine when you are and to not be fine when you are not. And when you are not fine, accept it, allow your soul to recuperate, rest, pray, seek counsel, eat, drink and sleep until your soul heals. You have many days to live, some of them will be great, others will just be there and that’s fine.

No one has the right to tell you to ignore how you feel, not even yourself. Jesus got tired and so will you at some point. It is okay not to be okay.


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