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So in campus, in between lectures, we’d take what we called a power nap.

A power nap was meant to rejuvenate you so that you’d be able to stay awake for the duration of the next lecture. Granted, sociology lectures were pretty boring. You needed a lot of grace to stay awake the whole time.

Ideally, these power naps were meant to last a maximum of 15 minutes. Tragically and sometimes rather humorously though; this brief hiatus would turn into a deep slumber that would result into one missing the subsequent lectures. Power naps, were ill advised, especially in the afternoons, unless you were sure that someone would wake you up in time for the next lecture.

Long story short, I took a power nap last year, just to catch my breath because y’all know that 2020 was kinda special. I would have slipped into a deep wave sleep if you guys hadn’t shaken me out of slumber land. I am now out of my hiatus! Thank God!

My tribesmen normally say that ‘someone’s dawn is when they wake up’ so don’t tell me that sijui the year is old! It is still Happy New Year to me!

I know you’ve already made New Year’s resolutions and most of you have already broken half of them by now so, no, I’ll not offer any tips on how to become great and prosperous in 2021. I also won’t declare what kind of year 2021 is going to be. I think your pastor ought to have done that already, if they haven’t, talk to the man upstairs or prophesy to yourself ama?

I’ll tell you this though… There is nothing new!

We get to the end of the year, throw the old calendar into the thrash, and think that just because the new calendar reads January, that that changes things. Thing is, nothing really changes. Well, nothing really changes until we change. There’s no new in the year unless we change how we do things. So you can shout your voice hoarse that it’s a New Year, you can light the sky with fireworks, host new year parties, go for prophetic conferences, have a new theme for the year or even pray for forty days declaring newness into the year and still end up being the same person you were last year.

Listen up! If you don’t change how you perceive situations, 2021 is just 2020 in a new name.

Do yourself a favor, if you want a New Year, start with a new thinking. A new thinking will translate into a new way of doing things. A new way of doing things will alter the course of your life and then, you can have a New Year. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Don’t be a lunatic!

One of the most successful preachers of our time, Bishop T.D. Jakes of the Potter’s House Church, once said that “The year doesn’t make a new you; change your mindset.” I couldn’t agree more because until you change your mindset, there’s nothing new in the ‘new’ year!

Thank you for giving me time to refresh my mind. Get ready to enjoy the reads in 2021! There’s definitely new in my New Year and Thursdays will always be a vibe!

  1. Welcome back.Let’s get going on reading these posts.Wishing you a great 2021 deep with diverse expansion experiences

  2. Yep I better change my mindset not to be a loony in 2021 with all the new year resolution and vision boards. Happy new year.

  3. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Don’t be a lunatic! Nimesikia… Happy New year and Welcome back …

  4. I have this TD Jakes sermon, I had even rehearsed almost all of it it started “you have to fix the mind before you can restore your blessings, if you don’t change your mind everything you invest in is going to leak out of the premises of the mind that refuses to change.”

    The best part was when he said…no demon in hell can attack a person with the change mindset….

    Simply put; 💯💯💯 agree with your post. Pray and fast less, work on our mindset and change 💪💃

    Welcome baaaaaack Mwendwa 😊

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